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Religious Education Registration Info

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Religious Education Registration Info

Registration will begin April though August.  All current and new students MUST REGISTER.  New students, please bring a copy of birth and baptismal certificates.

For the cost of one phone bill you can make the great investment on one year of religious education classes for your child(ren) and seed the foundation for their lifelong relationship with Jesus. They will learn about Morality, Forgiveness, the Holy Eucharist, our Catholic faith and will receive the Holy Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation.

There is a nominal registration fee which will be discussed at the time of registration. We also offer a group rate to families with 2 or more children.

To register:
  • click here to send an e-mail to request an appointment to register for a class. 
  • click here to download the registration form. Please fill it out and bring it to your appointment.

The first class takes place the Sunday after Labor Day.

Religious Education Classes

First Reconciliation
1st Year for ages 7 & older
During the first year, the program is in preparation for receiving First Communion which will be celebrated during the second year of the program. 

The program fee includes: a workbook,  books on prayers, classroom movies on Jesus, the Virgin Mary and bible stories, a Blessed Cross, 3 retreats, certificate with the church’s seal upon completion of the program, Penance Service & facility classroom needs.  

First Communion
2nd Year for ages 8 and older

Please note that the first program year of preparation on Reconciliation is a prerequisite.

The program fee includes: preparation for receiving First Communion, books, class movies, a Blessed Bible, 3 retreats, First Communion ceremony rehearsals, a Communion banner, certificate upon completion of the program with the church’s seal & facility classroom needs.

Ages 12 & older: two year program 

The program fee includes: preparation for receiving Confirmation sacrament, books, class movies, Blessed Cross, 3 retreats, Confirmation ceremony rehear-sal, Confirmation Robe, certificate upon completion of the program with the church’s seal, Church and Bishop fees & facility classroom needs.